Aastra 6725ip Phone (w/o power supply)

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Aastra 6725ip Phone


Astra’s new series, the 6725ip edition, is one of the most popular VOIP phones from Aastra. The device features a robust interface for Gigabit Ethernet, which serves as a robust Unified Communications device after being linked to the Microsoft Communications Server # 14.

The 6275ip phone boasts a stylish design with all the features you require in a first-rate VOIP phone. The phone is capable of connecting to your local desktop by means of a USB cable to facilitate desktop PC phone control.

Users benefit from a 3.5” LCD display screen and a highly intuitive interface. Both 6721ip and 6725ip are engineered to save valuable money and time.

You get a simplified installation with dual auto sensing switched Gigabit Ethernet ports to for no additional wiring. This does not comprise the bandwidth. Users also get centralized backup and powering along with easy deployment.

It is designed for Microsoft Lync phone systems and is particularly popular for its large full color display. The device is powered by either an optional AC adapter or a power over Ethernet switch.

Features and Functions

Here are a few functions and features of the 6725ip VOIP phone.

  • Optional AC Adapter
  • The device has 1 Menu Key 2 Softkeys for LCD
  • Come with back keys and home keys
  • 3.5 inch LCD Screen (QVGA color)
  • Wideband speakerphone
  • The Navigation and Select Keys are designed to be
  • Comes built-in with a UC Presence Indicator
  • PoE Enabled
  • Wideband Audio Handset
  • Displays message waiting
  • 1 USB Type-A

If you are looking for remarkable features in a single VOIP phone, the 6725ip is the product for you. The device costs almost $290.

Aastra 6725ip Phone (w/o power supply)

Aastra 6725ip Phone (w/o power supply)