AT&T Synapse

One of the most established names in the telecommunication industry, ATT adds to our wide variety of Unified Communication products with ‘ATT Synapse’ network solutions. The brand prides itself in providing big business features to small and medium-sized enterprises that are economically viable and have the capability to help our clients businesses in many different areas such as real estate, construction manufacturing, Information Technology and Healthcare. The prime features of ATT Synapse technology include automated attendants – the technology that allows companies to handle calls and voice mail using automated systems helping the professionals in giving more time to their business. The company makes it easy for our clients to switch from their legacy systems to state of the art technology of ATT Synapse with ease.

The ATT Synapse comes with PBX functionality providing our clients with ease of use in connecting to a public network that can support up to 100 users, have internet protocol (IP) features and can be managed remotely. VoIP phone supply’s brand partnership with ATT Synapse allows clients to integrate SIP into their communication network and is certified to work with many renowned service providers.

  • ATT synapse featured telephone set, the SB67025 comes with Power of Ethernet feature, incorporates 1-16 lines operation, has 50 numbers phone book, nine programmable keys and can be wall mounted. Also, it comes with an industry leading limited warranty of up to 2 years.
  • ATT synapse also offers gateway technology that supports higher trunking ratios and comes with Direct Inward Dialing feature and can be mounted on the rack.

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