Aastra brand has been famous for its IP phones for a long time; the company manufactures a wide selection of IP telephones targeted towards small businesses and larger enterprises alike. Aastra IP phones are built on open standards and provide interoperability with today’s popular VoIP frameworks. In 2014 Aastra merged with Mital, a world leader in Business communication solutions. With this merger, the merged entity became one of the largest groups in the industry with its primary focus on building a satisfied customer base.

One of the highlights of Aastra IP phones includes wide coverage through wireless technology (up to 300,000 sq. ft.) The IP phone devices come with higher speed dialing and programming line functions.

  • Aastra’s featured 6735i IP phone comes with built-in battery supply (hence does not require a power cord), supports up to 9 lines, four dedicated line and twenty-six programmable keys. The phone also offers high definition phone quality.
  • The 6869i IP phone also features built-in battery feature and does not require a power extension. It comes with a digital display of 430 x 270-pixel resolution.
  • Aastra’s Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications come with color display and have the capability to support additional cordless devices and eight concurrent telephone calls.