At VOIP Phone Supply our focus is on providing best in class communication services to our clients under one room. Our brand partnership with Adtran helps our customers including government and private organizations achieve their team cohesion objectives using the latest technology in data, voice and video communication. The company (Adtran) was established in 1985 headquartered in Alabama; it has been able to grow into a global operation having its sales office all over the United States and around the world.

Apart from other products and services Adtran focuses on providing network devices such as Ethernet switches, Gateways, Gigabit solution over existing copper wires, routers and Wireless LAN services. Adtran’ products are suitable for both enterprise networks as well as carriers as well. With the demand for Bandwidth use increasing every day, Adtran has established its name as a leader in providing technologies that will help our clients make efficient use of Bandwidth available on their existing network. Another aspect of Adtran products is that they are easy to upgrade and can provide more than one service from a single platform, this makes your investment in the product more secure.

Our brand partnership with Adtran is a proof of our top quality services to our clients as Adtran is ISO certified and conducts extensive in-house testing to check the reliability and durability of its products. Some of the markets Adtran serves include Cable, Wireless & Telecom Operators, small to medium-sized businesses/enterprises, etc. Adtran’s 1700, 9000 and next-generation optical networking units are examples of resilience and high performance in the field of network access.

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