Algo Communication Products

VOIP Phone Supply’s inclusion of Algo Communication Products gels in with our other partnership products. The company provides a variety of security and safety drove devices such as voice paging, alert messaging devices (Power of Ethernet Speakers, Horns), Push buttons, intercoms & strobe lights, etc. The company has its roots in Canada and focuses on developing IP endpoint solutions. The brand also includes IoT devices used for visual/audio alerts and scheduling. The has its roots in British Columbia, Canada with over 50 years of experience in telecommunication services and partnerships with some of the renowned companies in Unified Communication Industry.

Our featured products from Algo Communications can register with cloud-based or on-premise VoIP telephone systems. This helps our brand loyal customers to synchronize more than one brands from our portfolio into their organization. The company recently launched its latest 8189 SIP enabled speaker who incorporates Hydrophobic Membrane screen and is state of the art solution for our client’s organizations communication needs.

Algo Communication’s product variety includes Audio and visual alerting devices that can be used for safety and security of your organization by creating alerts using loud audio and visual ringing. Door Phones provide optimal security through the audio and visual display at your homes, apartment or offices allowing visitors and the host to communicate with each other through a unified communication network. For emergency situations, the company offers alert push buttons which can integrate with your IP network and become an excellent source of communication in case of an emergency.

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