Our product variety from Allworx introduces our customers to Unified Communication technologies such as VoIP systems, IP Phones, and switches. The company started off as an idea floated by a couple of engineers trying to build a phone system customized to their own needs. The successful implementation of the idea has turned out to be a multi-million dollar business with big blue-chip clients like GE, Emerson, and Kodak. Based out of New York, USA the company made its debut in 2003 and now has 1000+ selling partners distributing their product across the continent. The company’s success comes from its innovative ideas, reliable products, value creation for money invested and customer-centric approach.

Allworx has introduced its line of VoIP communication platforms that provide scalability with economic viability, faster processing capacity, option for wall and rack mounting, Gigabit Ethernet interfacing capability with VLANs and also comes with SIP video support. The state of the art 731 series supports up to 180 users and can handle up to 60 concurrent external calls. Besides that, the company allows its clients to trade older Allworx systems with new ones in case the number of employees exceeds maximum capacity.

The company’s Verge IP Phone series comes with real-time contact sharing capability across the network and can be controlled remotely using a mobile device. The phone variety comes with up to 24 programmable function buttons and 192x64 pixel resolution display to manage telephone connections.

The Powerflex switches introduced by Allworx can be easily integrated with Allworx network, come with voice traffic prioritization capability and allows users to optimize their network bandwidth.

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