Our partnership with Barracuda brings together a customer-centric approach and world-class networking technology introduced by Silicon Valley-based award-winning firm to satisfy our customers Unified Communication needs for businesses of all sizes. Barracuda is a publicly listed company on New York Stock Exchange. The company’s client list includes thousands of users around the world in over 100 countries. The company’s network technology is best in class and is built on open source software making it economical, easy to use and reliable.

The next Generation technology introduced by Barracuda helps organizations build secured data connection on their network ensuring the customer’s confidential data is not compromised at any time. The applications are web-based hence can be managed remotely from anywhere and reduce cost and time required to administer them. If your company is working with consultants who are allowed to access pertinent information over the network, Barracuda can create SSL VPN the can provide a virtual interface for external parties to your organization for accessing selected and relevant information. The VPN can be accessed on the web or on mobile device ideal for company’s resources that are on the move and require remote access to the network.

The gateway applications introduced by Barracuda allow users in the organization to gain access to online tools and programs without the threat of compromising network security. Barracuda provides an unlimited number of licenses for its remote applications, creating limitless possibilities for your firm.

The company provides 24/7 support to data centers that use its service-based offerings and continuously monitors and blocks any threats to your network.

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