Cisco Meraki

Cisco is one of the most established and widely accepted brands all over the world in the field of Information and communication technology. Our partnership with Cisco Meraki allows us to provide our clients with the latest technology in Cloud operated switches. Some of the primary features of this network technology include 0-touch cloud provisioning, visibility throughout the network and remote configuration and troubleshooting for deployment purposes. The Cisco Meraki network switch acts as a network backbone, providing scalability, performance and intuitive management of the network. True to its core, the zero-touch technology allows Cisco Meraki Switches to be configured remotely and simplifies a network engineer’s job considerably bringing time and cost savings to your business.

Using state of the art built-in technology the Cisco Meraki switch derives maximum speed out of your network in order to maintain seamless network performance. These switches can be stacked using dedicated connections transmitting data at the speed of light. These features help the network gain maximum efficiency and utilization of network bandwidth. The level of scalability can be assessed by the fact that Cisco Meraki switches can be virtually stacked enabling our clients to manage thousands of ports on their enterprise networks from a remote location no matter where the actual switch has been physically kept. Another useful feature that comes with these devices is the mobile app offered by Cisco for iOS and Android devices that helps users manage their network whenever and wherever they may be.

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