Clear One, our brand partner in audio and visual communication, has been at the forefront of audio /video conferencing and network streaming technology, providing cutting-edge devices to improve voice and visual quality of your business and personal communication needs. The company excels in producing audio and visual communication devices that considerably improve the conference call experience of an organization. Some of the milestones that the company (Clear One) has achieved over the past several years include 2nd generation Microphone array involving beamforming and adaptive steering. These products allow businesses to avoid acoustic echoes and noise from their conference meetings with their employees and clients. The company was the pioneer in introducing distributed echo cancellation devices and also phones that provide wireless conferencing. The company’s Max series of conference phones are best in class and involve a number of dynamic features including:

  • SIP-based conference calling that delivers best sound quality and room coverage for your VoIP network, the technology will allow our clients to link up to four phones, multiple speakers, microphones and dial pads that can provide coverage for large conference rooms.
  • Clear One’s wireless conference phone technology allows businesses to turn any room into a conference room with secure and encrypted transmissions.
  • The company’s expandable telephone conference technology can scale the network to four devices linked together adding best in class sound quality and scalability in your conference call experience.
  • The company’s tabletop conference devices also allow you to perform conference meeting over your VoIP network using Internet Protocol to provide unparalleled audio experience.

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