At VoIP Phone Supply we pride our self in bringing the best of the VoIP brands under one room and CounterPath helps us in achieving that goal. The company has introduced devices over the last fifteen years that make conference call over the internet economical, scalable and reliable. The company is based out of Canada and specializes in providing Unified Communication Services using the IP networking. The CounterPath devices allow business users to connect anywhere at any time with any platform. Through our brand partnership with CounterPath, VoIP phone supply can offer devices that are scalable, interoperable, flexible and up-to-date with the requirements of a modern workplace.

The solutions provided by CounterPath can be used by small or large businesses as well as operators in the OTT communications landscape. The company also provides solutions through cloud-hosted platforms by installing client-side suite at the user's end. These solutions enable Network Administrators to manage the Client’s communication through the Web Admin interface.

The company prides itself on providing Unified Communication service on any device including a smartphone. The software application installed on your mobile phone will allow you to connect to audio and video conference over the VoIP network while you are on the move. The clients using the CounterPath application on their cell phones act as extensions to organizations PBX and are based on Open standards and SIP. The framework used by CounterPath applications are versatile in the sense that they do not interfere with the existing PBX, VoIP Switches, and cloud communication services.

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