Cyber data is a brand that has existed for more than 40 years. CyberData products are developed by industry experts in the field of electrical and hardware engineering and embedded programming. The company develops state of the art VOIP accessory products that help organizations migrate to VOIP, IP gateways from their analog setup.

Our CyberData product variety includes:


3-port USB Gigabit mirroring switch allows you to split single Ethernet port two additional mirror Ethernet outlets, while 2-port gigabit switch splits the connection into another mirror outlet.


CyberData adds variety to our portfolio with Analog speakers, Loudspeakers, office ringers, call buttons, emergency and regular intercoms. These devices can be effectively used for in-house communications in buildings or corporate offices for regular messaging or emergency alerts.


The single wire strobe can be mounted on the wall and can act as an alerting device with visual indications.

SIP Paging Adapters

The single wire paging adapter allows you to interface your analog system with VOIP system. The adapter can be configured to support more than one SIP extensions.

VOIP paging server

The paging server allows a user to access multiple paging zones through a single SIP phone extension. The device also comes with bell scheduling option over a VOIP network.