We offer a variety of Digium built telephony cards that are built to be 100% compatible with the firm’s own design telephony system the ‘Asterisk’. Asterisk is considered to be one of the most widely used frameworks in communication systems software development. Digium can be characterized as one of the very few companies in communication industry that have disrupted the market with its own software development framework. The company has now expanded in more than 170 countries across the globe and is considered to be a market leader in telecommunications boards industry.

Our featured variety of Digium Cards include:

Analog Cards

Analog Cards allow you to interface your POTS lines with your Asterisk solutions. Being open source solution, Asterisk can be associated with multiple software solutions customized to the organization's needs.

Our Digium product portfolio also comprises of VoIP gateways that allow data conversion from an analog and digital connection over to VOIP connections. The feature Digium gateways may allow up to 240 simultaneous calls and additional state of the art features to control and route calls over the network.

Digital cards allow the user to add up to 30 digital calls over the Asterisk System. The two-span digital cards offered by VOIP phone supply allow dual span interface between the digital and VoIP connection and can support up to 60 connections.