Edgewater Networks

The company was founded in October of 2002 and is a market leader in providing cloud hosted audio, video and data services to small and medium-sized Businesses, large enterprises and service providers. Our partnership with Edgewater Networks adds variety to our existing portfolio regarding integrating client VoIP networks with cloud-hosted PBX services. The company has introduced state of the art ‘Network Edge Orchestration’ enabling users to view the real-time performance and the service quality of the Network. The Network Edge Solution allows Network Administrators to view the voice, video, and data transmission traffic at any given time over the network. The utility can also be used for remote management and troubleshooting of network issues.

The Edgewater VoIP solutions come with some features including:

  • Wide range of interoperability
  • Simple installation and troubleshooting of the application
  • Service Quality

Besides that, the Edgewater solution comes with SIP Trunking technology which facilitates in interfacing the organization’s PBX with the internet. The solution is simple to install, High Quality and reduces Unified Communications costs.

The company has also introduced its latest bundle of services under the umbrella of Cloud2Edge that allows users to take advantage of all the services under one roof. With EdgeView Service Control Center at its core, the package will allow users to manage the quality of their network to the end of an IP node. The EdgeView VoIP Analytics provides managers the information trends and behaviors using the historical data gathered over a period.

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