By partnering with Elastix VoIP Phone Supply provides its clients with the option to build a PBX tailored to their organizational needs. Being platform independent, the Elastix PBX solution can be implemented on-premise using Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system or can be hosted in the cloud. Users can host the PBX on their cloud server powered by Google or Amazon. The user’s options do not end there; Elastix can allow our clients to install Elastix application on a mini PC that they may have purchased from one of the leading chipset brands such as Gigabyte, Intel, Shuttle or Zotac.

The company’s offered solutions are easy to use and implement, the installation can be done in minutes and give you the choice of which Trunks or IP Phones you wish to use. With its primary feature of being platform independent, the application can work with most popular Gateways and IP Phones and new firmware for new phones can be deployed remotely within minutes and all updates (for software) are done automatically. Besides that, business managers can leverage their existing servers as well by using Hyper V or VMWare. With its state of the art technology, Elastix PBX can be managed over the internet, and many of the Admin tasks can be automated which can free up extra resources for the organization. With free iOS and Android VoIP client suits, clients can work from anywhere at any time using their cellular phones.

Some features come complimentary with Elastix’s PBX application such as fax and Voicemail to email, web conferencing and instant messaging.

  • Elastix ELX-025 IP PBX Appliance The Elastix ELX-025 is a fully featured Unified Communication PBX in a 1U rack-mountable form factor. Elastix ELX-025 Overview The Elastix ELX-025 is a 1U... More details

  • Elastix NLX4000 IP PBX Appliance

    Elastix NLX4000 IP PBX Appliance The Elastix NLX4000 is a 1.5U IP PBX appliance which will support up to 300 phones and up to 120 concurrent calls. The Elastix NLX4000 has 2 open PCIe slots which... More details

  • Elastix SIP Firewall

    Elastix SIP Firewall Device The Elastix SIP Firewall Device is designed specifically for VoIP phone systems to add an extra layer of security for your network. Elastix SIP Firewall Device... More details


    Elastix SIP Firewall