Epygi technology was one of the first players in the market in the early 2000s to introduce IP PBX systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. Today Epygi is a worldwide provider of award-winning IP PBX and gateways. The company prides itself on its commitment to Research & Development of telephone technology, providing opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses to acquire VoIP solutions that are rich in features and economically viable. Our brand partnership with Epygi allows us to introduce reliable and cost-effective IP PBXs and gateways to our clients that are easy to install and manage.

The QX series of IP PBXs and gateways introduced by Epygi are securely enclosed in a metal box cover, can be fully mounted on the wall and are compact. The state of the art QX series IP PBX technology can house up to 3000 telephone lines and can handle up to 16 concurrent calls at a time. It also has the feature of adding up to 48 IP phones to the IP PBX.

Our featured product – the QXE1T1 gateway provides for up to 30 channels for E1 and can handle up to 24 channels for T1. The security element in the gateway is provided by the latest firewall technology that is built into this gateway. The device comes with auto attendant features and has the call routing capability also. The primary goal of the gateway is to bridge the gap between legacy PBX devices and the VoIP technology to reduce costs and simplify network administration.

  • The QXE1T1 Gateway features 30 channels (E1) or 24 channels (T1) of voice and conforms to a wide variety of signaling protocols. The primary function of this system is to bridge traditional... More details


    Epygi QXE1T1