Based in Sweden, Ingate’s primary focus is to provide security to users and businesses communicating all over the world on a VoIP connection using the IP-PBX technology. Using sophisticated firewalls and security options, Ingate enables organizations to build secured Unified Communication Networks for audio and video conferencing along with instant text messaging. Our Ingate solution offerings are suitable for small businesses and large enterprises alike and are easy to interface with major IP-PBX suppliers.

The company’s featured ‘SIParator’ Firewall device helps organizations seamlessly initiate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over a traditional firewall setup. Since traditional firewalls did not allow SIP communication over the network organizations were not able to use VoIP technology over their secured VoIP infrastructure. The SIParator has resolved this issue by allowing the SIP traffic over the network while maintaining network security. The device is easy to install and provides complete VoIP and data security.

Ingate’s Enterprise Session Border Control technology allows integration between the organizations IP-PBX and all the major ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers). The company provides hardware as well as software solutions that can be easily integrated into the organization’s IP-PBX setup and can handle from 5 to 8000 calls at a given time.

The Ingate devices featured on VoIP PHONE SUPPLY website will allow our clients to secure their VoIP connections where the IP-PBX has been hosted at a remote location away from the client’s premises. This adds a whole new dimension to the security environment of hosted VoIP technology.

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