Established in 2010, Invoxia has created a name for itself in the field of Telecommunication within a relatively short time. The company designs and develops products for advanced telephony and helps organizations experience conference calls like never before. The company is famous for its InVivo Acoustic technology which allows the users at each end of a conference call to experience the caller’s natural voice which is crystal clear and free from any noise. The company is based in France and has branch offices in China, Switzerland, and the United States.

The Invoxia NVX series of speakerphones are a great example of desktop IP phone technology that allows users to take their calls anywhere at any time. The telephone set is a sleek design of creativity allowing users to connect their smartphone (iOS or Android) to the desktop phone and participate in conference calls from anywhere.

The phones come with a sophisticated rotatable dial to help clients browse through their calls log and contacts menu. The phone offers technology which is good for health as it keeps you safe from cellular and blue tooth waves. The phone comes with a built-in docking feature which allows any device (with micro USB charger) to be mounted and charged. With its InVivo Acoustic technology, the phone allows for echo cancellation and best sound quality in the room. Apart from other features, the phone comes with single touch voice mail access, and clients can receive and make calls on their Invoxia desktop phone using their mobile line.

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