Jabra is one of the market leaders in unified communication headsets and speakerphones that are fully compatible with softphone clients and can provide our client’s with added functionality on their UC network such as remote call controlling and connectivity to more than one devices. The company prides itself on reinvesting 10% of its revenue back in the R&D cycle in hopes to challenge convention by introducing breakthrough products that revolutionize business communications. The variety of Jabra’s wireless headsets will offer our clients with wireless communication products that are suited for every situation. The company partner’s with industry leaders such as:

  • Microsoft – Jabra’s partnership with Microsoft has resulted in one of the best in class headsets with features such as built-in Bluetooth and USB connectivity, wireless range of more than 100 meters and superior sound quality with convenience and comfort.
  • Cisco – Being a preferred Cisco partner means Jabra can design, develop and even test its solutions in close cooperation with Cisco. This helps the company produce devices that are state of the art, reliable and easy to use.
  • Avaya – Jabra’s partnership with Avaya has allowed it to earn its prestigious DevConnect status and this cooperation results in Jabra devices working seamlessly with Avaya IP telephone technology.
  • Unify – Being the first professional headset provider for Unify’s WebRTC cloud platform, Jabra’s products are the first choice for Unify’s UC solutions.

Besides that, VoIP Phone Supply’s partnership with Jabra will allow our clients to use their headsets with IP technologies introduced by many other market leaders such as 3CX, IBM etc.

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