Mediatrix has been in the industry since the early 90s and has a history of innovation in the field of Unified Communication. The Mediatrix brand is now present in more than 75 countries around the globe. The company started by introducing a VoIP adapter for small businesses enabling them to integrate their legacy analog phones or fax machines to an IP network. Today, the company offers a wide range of products that enhance the capabilities of a SIP network. The company’s mission is to serve its clients beyond their expectations by delivering high-quality products and world-class service.

Mediatrix technology comes with powerful security features to protect the network from any internal or external threats. Some of the latest solutions provided by Mediatrix include VoIP adapters, gateways and SIP Trunking devices that can be used by Businesses and Service Providers alike. The family of products includes:

  • Media Gateways, SBCs and Phone Adapters that provide easy migration of analog devices to the SIP network. The solution offered is flexible and easy to operate. It provides a high level of security while transmitting data and cost-effective implementation of VoIP network.
  • Mediatrix makes migration from legacy communication platforms to Unified Communication Networks easy for businesses by providing various product suites that are flexible enough to adapt to their network requirements.
  • The SIP trunking capability offered by MediaTrix enables businesses to provide a world-class experience to their clients by bringing reliability, interoperability, and survivability during and after the deployment phase.

Amongst many features provided by Mediatrix devices, they provide cost-effective deployment, Network security, quality of service and interoperability between the organization’s PBX and service providers.

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