Mitel is the fastest growing Unified Communication service provider on cloud platform today. The company holds more than 1800 patents and has a distribution network in over 100 countries around the globe. Every day around 60 million users connect to Mitel technology to collaborate with their partners. With its latest endeavor in the field of cloud computing, our business partner Mitel has introduced an easier and convenient way for the business to collaborate amongst themselves and their clients using cloud hosted PBX systems. This minimizes client’s investment in implementation costs and allows system administration from any remote location.

With a wide variety of products in the field of Unified Communication technology, Mitel has proved itself to be a leader in IP telephony markets. Designed with the latest technology which is ideal for modern workplace Mitel’s IP (VoIP) phones come in a verity of specifications such as:

  • The MiVoice 500 series – comes with multiline features and up to 12 programmable key options. The phone comes with full duplex technology and a multiline backlit display. The phones provide IP functionality with a look and feel of a traditional phone set and an ideal product for call centers.
  • The MiVoice 600 series – which is ideal for large enterprises with heavy use of telephone calls. The phone supports USB technology, Power of Ethernet and comes with 3.5-inch color display making it a best in class product for business communication and collaboration.

The company has also introduced a line of conference phones which make the conference call experience more cost-effective and convenient than ever before.

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