Having its roots in Germany, the company employs dedicated professionals from all over the world to build IP video systems that can be installed at any remote location and interfaced with the company’s Unified Communication Network using SIP technology. The company was established in the year 2000 and since then has established its premium and reliable ‘made in Germany’ brand in the field of video surveillance and monitoring. The VoIP phone supply’s offering of Mobotix products can be easily integrated with our client’s existing IP network, and its decentralized architecture allows limitless expansion and visual collaboration. The product is cost-effective, and the modular camera structure allows users to change lenses as needed.

The image analysis technology allows the camera not just to produce high-quality pictures but also monitor and recognized any threats appearing in the vicinity. By using their decentralized monitoring system, the Mobotix cameras can communicate with other sensors installed on the network and initiate defense mechanism during surveillance. The company prides itself on being the pioneer of IP video technology and expert in data security. The camera’s introduced by Mobitix come with SD card to store the data that can be used in case the network goes down.

The company’s outdoor cameras are robust and multifunctional, they are weatherproof and can stand the harshness of any weather from the cold winds of Antarctica to hot swamps of Florida. The indoor cameras are cost-effective and come with rich features such as 350-degree view and hemispheric video systems.

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