Our partner in providing VoIP solutions to our clients, Netgear prides itself in converting innovative ideas into network solutions that are ideal for businesses and personal use. The company has transformed regular homes into smart homes helping homeowners keep an eye on their valuables while they are away, using their smartphone and Netgear video monitoring systems. For businesses, VoIP phone supply’s Netgear featured products allow users to share ideas and provide information access to stakeholders from anywhere using our featured Unified Communication devices.

Netgear’s VoIP devices allow business users to connect with their peers and clients with much ease and perfect voice quality. Netgear’s offered devices deliver solutions with QoS (Quality of Service) and professional collaborative experience. With Netgear Switches, the packets traveling through the network are prioritized automatically, giving the organization a seamless transmission of data and enhancing conference call quality. The switches introduced by Netgear are specially designed to handle extra load required for VoIP communication networks. There is always a contingency plan available in case there is power outage as Netgear Switch has access to an alternate power supply. The Switches come with extra security features to challenge any threats from hackers.

With the advancement in the field of IP Surveillance, the IP Video cameras are easy to install at organizations of any size, Netgear has also introduced its line of IP cameras that come with enhanced security and data storage features. Our partnership with Netgear helps us satisfy our clients with solutions that are of high quality and easy to implement and manage.

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