Based in Silicon Valley California, OBIHAI was initiated by professionals having deep experience and understanding of voice and video communication. The company develops Cloud and IP telephony services ideal for service providers and business users. Since the VoIP system is hosted on the cloud, the voice or video service providers need not visit the client premise to install the CPE (Client Premise Equipment) rather the suppliers have the leverage to use zero-touch customization tools and manage the device(s) from any remote location.

A series of Obi based IP Phones and VoIP adapters provide users with state of the art experience over their Unified Communication Network. With Obi 1000 series IP phones, users get High Definition voice calls with crystal clear quality. The telephone set ObiTalk comes with a cloud application as well allowing users to manage the functionality of the device through the app. There are a total of 24 line keys and eight programmable keys in the telephone set. The phone comes with two USB2 ports and supports Power of Ethernet.

The Obi200 series VoIP adapter is a 2.7-inch square device packing the most power per square inch. The adapter supports up to 4 VoIP service. The adapter has a built-in facsimile technology allowing customers to send and receive faxes over the internet. The adapter also comes with a USB port to connect it with other Unified Communication devices such as WiFi adapters. All these additional services provided by Obi are easily installed and allow organizations to expand their market and build strong relationships with customers beyond borders.

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