Our partnership with Patton adds variety to our VoIP gateway devices. These devices help in implementing a VoIP network in the system. The gateway processes the data coming in and going out of the PBX. The Patton’s variety of VoIP gateways interface with most telephone systems and support a number of VoIP standards. Besides that, users can download technical manuals from the brand's website setup your device on the network.

Our variety of gateways from this brand include:

  • The 4630 series of Smart Nodes allow the cost-efficient solution to small business setup for connecting their PBX to the public network. The built-in BRI port synchronizes the gateway to provide reliable ISDN connection. The smart node is one stop shop for implementing the trouble-free and cost-effective solution in order to save your future investments.
  • The Smart Node 4970 series is an evolution of Patton’s award-winning 4940 series. The upgraded version incorporates next-generation features such as IPv6 upgradable hardware. The device provides data encryption, business continuity in case of failure of the IP network and preserves legacy phone equipment.
  • The Smart Node 4980 series comes with latest IPv6 capability, supports up to 120 concurrent calls and a built-in IP router.