RockBochs was founded in 2005 and is based in Hermantown, Minnesota. In 2015, the company started operating as a subsidiary of Sangoma Technologies Corp. Another one of our affiliates at The company (RockBochs) has introduced a variety of communication devices for the modern workplace giving a whole new experience to office collaboration.

At VoIP Phone Supply we offer state of the art devices introduced to the Unified Communication marketplace by RockBochs, including the latest technology in PBX systems that are ideal for small businesses. The VoIP Private Branch Exchange system introduced by RockBochs is enclosed in hard metal allowing users to place the PBX at any terrain they want.

The device comes with a digital display identifying the status of the packet flow on the network. It also comes with six USB2.0 ports (4 at the back and two on the front) making it convenient for the user to connect a good number of devices to the PBX.

Our featured products from RockBochs are compatible with Sangoma telephony cards and come pre-loaded with an Asterisk-based operating system which is open source program allowing adaptability to the existing network. The company has been at the forefront in the field of unified communication technology. RockBochs has also introduced a device called FaxBochs which is a VoIP based communication system allowing users to send facsimile and voice data.

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