Ruckus Wireless

Our brand partner, Ruckus Wireless was founded in early 2000 and has a mission to change the way people use communication technology. Recently the company has started working as a subsidiary of ARRIS International Plc.

As the name suggests, Ruckus Wireless provides Wifi solutions to corporations and service providers all over the world. It also offers a ‘Smart Zone’ line of products that provides corporations with career grade wireless connections for maximum productivity and high-security features. The company installed devices and software allow organizations to extract maximum value out of their network and ensure that data is secured and protected from any internal or external threats.

The company has introduced a series of control and management platforms that allow users to manage your network regardless of size and physical location. Using the Wifi technology the network can be controlled and managed from anywhere using a web interface.

Our partnership with Ruckus will allow us to introduce to our clients the state of the art wireless technology for indoor as well as outdoor use. When organizations are facing the challenges of creating access points for their network due to the tough environment or huge expansions, Ruckus can provide the solution by implementing reliable and secure data access point regardless of the environment.

Ruckus specializes in wired technologies as well, the family of network switches introduced by Ruckus provides the users the convenience they want in managing and securing their data on the network. The switches introduced by Ruckus make it easy for the organization to upgrade their technology and maximize performance.

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