Sangoma our business partner in providing VOIP technology to our trusted customers is a global brand operating in over 150 countries worldwide. Sangoma is a trusted brand amongst industry leaders in providing state of the art Unified Communication Systems.


As the name suggests, FREE-PBX is a complete solution for your PBX system which is free to download and has an open-source platform to customize your software according to your organizational needs. Being an open source solution the development community has added a number of add-on features to it which makes it an ideal solution for your VOIP needs. Sangoma has backed the Free-PBX technology by implementing it in its IP devices. Sangoma phones are automatically configured when you add them to your Free-PBX system.

Our variety of Sangoma products include:

  • Sangoma Free-PBX appliances which are capable of supporting up to 300 users and 120 simultaneous calls. This equipment contains state of the art processing technology for faster processing and smooth communication.
  • Headset electronic hook adapters that allow Sangoma phones to be hooked to support wireless headsets – comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Telephone sets (2 lines, 3 lines, and 4 lines) and
  • Telephone adapters that are compatible with all Sangoma telephone sets.