SimpleWan adds a portfolio of cloud-based network solutions at The company was founded in 2013 and has expertise in developing cloud-based networking solutions offering companies the data monitoring technology that helps in managing the traffic on their network. The company offers all in one product suite for our customers to manage their VoIP based Unified Communication Network.

By automating the configuration steps, SimpleWan allows the organization to plug and play their devices right out of the box. The dashboard service offered by SimpleWan allows the network administrator to manage the data from any remote location at any given time. The dashboard service is centralized at the central location allowing managers to view the network stats on a single screen.

In case there is a threat, breach or an issue in a particular branch or subsidiary office the system atomically alerts the administrator and identifies the location of the threat. The company has introduced a VoIP prioritization technology that ensures call quality even when there is turbulence in the network. This feature ensures that call dropping due to connection issues is minimal on the company’s Unified Communication Network.

SimpleWan firewall technology comes with three layers of data filtering ensuring data security and protection from any malware or viruses. Besides the firewalls, the SimpleWan technology also includes cybersecurity protection features allowing the user to monitor traffic across the network. The system is capable of intelligently collecting data which can be used to identify potential threats.

The tools offered by SimpleWan are HIPAA compliant and make it easy for companies to maintain regulatory standards on their networks.

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