VoIP Phone Supply also offers you high-quality products from Spectralink. Spectralink which was established in 1990 is headquartered in Colorado. The company has over 500 partners worldwide delivering its Wifi, DECT and UC telephony solutions to satisfied customers in different sectors. Spectralink is known to provide users with reliable and secure solutions for all their Unified Communication needs. Spectralink’s enterprise mobility solutions are focused on bringing the best experience to its customers. Spectralink has integrated the latest technology into its products and is known for giving superior voice quality along with durable and reliable wireless communication products and services.

The devices offered by Spectralink help organizations mobilize their workforce while they are using the devices to communicate on the network. The Spectralink’s wireless communication devices are used in many different industries such as Hospitality, Healthcare, and manufacturing. The collaboration network required in the business may wary based on the nature of service. Spectralink phones make it easy for organizations to collaborate on the go giving the organization the best combination of collaboration and mobility at the same time.

Our featured products from Spectralink, the 84 series Wifi handsets come with state of the art security features and can be easily integrated into your Unified Communication network. The phone set can seamlessly integrate with widely used industry applications and acts as a pager as well. The phone comes with a barcode scanner that provides unparallel mobility experience to our clients especially in the retail or healthcare sector. The device also earned the prestigious Unified Communication Product of the Year award in 2017.