VoIP Phone Supply has brought in a full range of telecommunication services from VXI. Known for the use of innovation in its operations, VXI has impressively expanded its network and services. The geographical diversification of this company has enabled it to become one of the leading companies with the best customer support services. The company was founded in late 80’s and specializes in microphones, telephone headsets, and related devices. The devices offered by VXI come with a cord and also wireless (blue tooth) technology.

The company’s primary focus is to provide customer care products that enable businesses to maximize their potential and build strong relationships with their clients. The company is headquartered in west coast USA and has expanded its footprint across three continents. The company’s primary focus is to help businesses improve their financial performance using their state of the art solutions ideal for call centers. The company prides itself on providing its clients with cost-effective solutions promoting customer satisfaction and retention.

The latest advancement in company’s technology is the interfacing of business solutions with the internet of Things through unmatched collaboration techniques. The companies unified communication devices help businesses keep up to date their clients’ requirements while at the same time providing them with world-class telecommunication services.

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