VoIP Phone Supply brings to you an option to choose from a versatile line of products from Valcom. Valcom, which was established in 1977, is known to have a big name in the Telecommunication Systems Industry. The company provides IP and Analog Voice Paging services using high-quality and modern techniques.

Valcom has a long list of achievements that includes providing simple as well as complex telecommunication systems. The company has aimed all its efforts at providing the users with a unique and satisfying experience. This is done by using modern and latest technology into all communication solutions offered to a long list of loyal and satisfied customers.

Having achieved many milestones in innovative technology in the field of Unified Communication, Valcom has emerged as an established brand in the Unified Communication field, providing clients with state of the art technology in IP telephony. The family of Valcom products includes IP speakers, Analog page controls, IP Gateways and SIP gateways along with other devices.

Using Valcoms IP gateways, businesses can transmit audio data over their LAN and WAN setup with much ease and reliability. The devices are easily compatible with other hardware allowing easy integration to the network. The company also features IP Emergency telephones which can be used in hallways, parking lots, pathways, and walkways. Valcom’s intercom solutions allow users to have a handsfree conversation with the push of a button. Valcom has a depth of experience in this field, supplying intercom devices to its satisfied clients for more than 35 years.

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