VoIP Phone Supply brings you a range of products available from Vivotek. Vivotek Inc. was formed in the year 2000 and has since been providing services and products to a wide range of users. Vivotek Inc. makes use of the latest technological advances and incorporates it into its products and services. The company has also formed partnerships with many popular software and hardware brands. You can browse through a collection of reliable and secure products that are sure to meet your expectations and take care of all your business as well as personal communication needs.

The company supplies state of the art solutions to Retail and transport sectors helping companies monitor and analyze visual data to quantify the inflow and outflow of traffic in the selected area. The cameras which come with the Power of Ethernet capability can accurately count the number of people in a specified zone. Besides performing its core function of surveillance and monitoring, the analytical application that comes with the device can help business owners analyze the data collected and make future decisions based on facts. The cameras supplied by Vivotek can also be linked to Point-of-Sale systems to monitor sales transactions, helping the store owners minimize losses.

Vivotek also offers advanced surveillance and monitoring equipment to help authorities monitor any irregularity in a public transport setting. The latest advancement in this technology is the state of the art analytical tool that comes with the camera apparatus and allows integration between the transport surveillance and monitoring system and the IoT.

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