Xorcom has been in IP-PBX business since 2004; the company is based out of Masgiv Israel. The company's products are operated using the Asterisk Open Source framework which is one of the most widely used software platforms for Unified Communication network today.

At VoIPphonesupply.com, the IP-PBX solution offered by Xorcom houses VoIP as well as PSTN communication technology. The device can be implemented in small organizations as well as large enterprises. The features that come with Xorcom PBX include Video calls, Virtual Fax, Paging & voicemail and call recording. The administration tools incorporated in this PBX solution allow managers to manage the PBX from anywhere at any time using the web interface. Additional Business telephony solutions offered by Xorcom can support up to 1000 users and is a perfect solution for large call centers.

Xorcom also introduced a line of IP solution which is ideal for hospitality industry such as hotels. The IP based Private Branch Exchange can be hosted on-premises or the cloud and comes with smart features such as PMS integration, voice mail, call recording and paging, etc. The company allows the hotel to run their analog network side by side the VoIP communication system.

The company also offers a USB gateway for its Asterisk-based PBX, The device is known as Astribank and connects to the IP PBX system through the USB port, and creates an interface between the organization’s internal Unified communication Network and the Public Switch Telephone Network.

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