The brand has been around for nearly two decades and specializes in unified communication solutions especially in video and teleconferencing making the professional environment ‘easy to collaborate and high in productivity’. The company has been able to spread its wings in over 100 countries and is one of the largest SIP phone providers in the world.

The variety of products we offer from this vendor include:

Conference Phones

With HD voice quality, around 10 feet of voice pickup, USB connection for voice recording and many other features this phone is ideal for conference calls. The technology does not end here for Yealink, the company has also introduced conference call expansion microphones which can be placed at either end of the conference table to cater to larger conference rooms.

SIP-T Series

The phone sets come with enhanced device performance, the latest technology in terms of life like voice quality, touch screens, high pixel resolutions to give you a real-life experience of video conferencing. The telephone sets also support expansion modules.

Wireless Mic Pod

All in one machine allowing video and audio conference using a wireless connection and comes with high integration capability.

DECT phones w Series

Provide state of the art communication experience without restricting your mobility.