For the last ten years, Yeastar has been providing small business enterprises the tools and technology that is ideal for setting up a collaborative network in a modern workplace. The company has distribution partners in over 100 countries worldwide with a customer base of more than 10000 satisfied customers. At, we have partnered with Yeastar to introduce our clients to the next generation of IP Phones and PBX that are ideal for long-term use and provide a good return on investment.

The IP Phone series introduced by Yeastar comes with an easy to use configuration guide making it quick and easy to install on the Unified Communication Network. The Yeastar IP phones are tested to work well with S-Series VoIP PBX (the PBX technology introduced by Yealink) resolving the compatibility issues on the network.

The S-Series VoIP PBX can auto-configure itself on the network, and it comes with an intuitive visual interface that can be accessed from any remote location using the web interface. The device can be managed using a personal or portable computer or even a smartphone. S-Series VoIP PBX can be easily interfaced with a variety of IP Phones, SIP Cameras, IP Door phones, etc. The device can support up to 300 users, and this strength can be expanded up to 500 users. It comes with sophisticated Internet security features that protect the device and the network from external hacking threats or viruses.

The company has also introduced its line of VoIP Gateways that bridge the gap between traditional telephone lines and IP telephony.

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