At we partner with brands that provide state of the art technology in the field of Unified Communications. Our customers can gain leverage from our product offering which comes from manufacturers across the globe. Our partner company Snom is based in Germany and has been in operation since 1996. The brand is world famous for latest designs of IP phones that are of the highest standards and made to perfection. The company prides on its German heritage and its unparalleled expertise in telephone craftsmanship, treating sound design as an art form.

The company has been able to improve its voice communication technology through its passion and intelligence in the field of VoIP signaling with sound acoustics. The technology experts at Snom give attention to minute details during the design process that differentiates voice quality in different phones. The IP phones introduced by Snom undergo a rigorous quality assurance process which makes them the very best in what they do. At we feature selected IP telephone devices from Snom that include:

  • The D3XX series, which has been a phone choice for effective daily use by millions of satisfied customer around the world. The best part of theD3XX telephone set is that it is built on open source platform allowing developers to integrate customize solutions to this telephone system.
  • The D7XX series are highly practical and at the same time aesthetically appealing. The high-performance telephone devices provide the best Wideband High Definition audio quality ensuring crystal clear sound from each end of the speaker.