CyberData VoIP Paging Server V3

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CyberData VoIP Paging Server V3


VoIP V3 Paging Server

The Cyberdata VoIP V3 paging server enables users through a single SIP phone extension, to access multiple zones for paging in a VoIP network. A second SIP endpoint can be configured as a night ringer playing a user-uploaded audio file. The easy to use web based configuration provides a graphical user interface to set up to 100 paging zones with unique multicast address and port number combinations. The device connects via a single cable to a standard PoE 802.3af compliant switch.

Features :

? SIP RFC 3261 compatible
? Multicast output
? Two SIP endpoints (one for Night Ringer)
? DTMF control of zone selection
? DTMF activated broadcast messages
? Delayed Page Support
? Line-In connection for music
? Line-out connection to support analog Amps
? User uploadable audio files
? Web-based configuration and firmware upload
? Dual-speed Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
? PoE 802.3af enabled (Power-over-Ethernet)
? Connector for external power supply
? 19-inch Rack mount option

CyberData VoIP Paging Server V3

CyberData VoIP Paging Server V3