Digium 1A8A00F

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8 port modular analog PCI 3.3/5.0V card, no interfaces. The Digium 1A8A00F PCI card is compatible with Asterisk. From the A8 Series is a PCI card for 3.3/5.0V with 0-FXS/0-FXO and 8 ports. This modular PCI card can be configured with two quad-port modules or up to four single-port modules. Use the Digium 1A8A00F base PCI card to connect an analog PBX to a VoIP service, or connect analog phone lines to an Asterisk system.


Features and Functions

  • One (1) - eight (8) analog ports
  • PCI or PCI Express bus architectures
  • Combine line (FXO) and station (FXS) modules
  • Accepts up to four (4) single-port modules
  • Optional DSP-based carrier grade echo cancellation module
  • 32-bit 33MHz
  • Loop Start or Kewl Start Signaling
  • Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Digium patented VoiceBus™ technology for better audio
  • 5-year warranty
  • With Asterisk - DAHDI 2.7 or later required
  • With Switchvox - Switchvox 5.8.1 or later required