Digium 1VPM064LF Echo Cancellation Module

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Sixty-four (64) Channel Hardware Echo Cancellation Module for use on TE235/236 cards. The Digium VPM064 echo cancellation module is compatible with A8-series analog cards and the TE235 T1 card. This card solves the voice echo problem commonly associated with connecting a PCI card to a PSTN. While software-based solutions are available, the Digium VPM064 is a more reliable hardware-based module. Attach this module to the PCI or PCI Express card to dramatically improve voice and audio quality. Note: compatible with 8-port A8A and A8B cards, and the 2-port TE235 card.


Features and Functions

  • Channels: up to 64
  • Basis: DSP
  • Digium Card Compatibility: A8-series, TE235/236.