Digium TC400B

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Digium TC400B


VoIP Transcoding PCI 3.3/5.0V card for 120 G.729a or 92 mixed channels of G.729a/G.723.1. The TCM 400B is a dedicated codec translation card supporting G.729A and G.723.1. It is a PCI base card with a daughter module, which will support 120-150 simultaneous calls. The next generation card will allow you to put two modules on base card. The TC400B is a bundle of the half-length, low-profile PCI-2.2 compliant TC400P base card and the TC400M voice processing module. The TC400B is designed to handle, in dedicated DSP resources, the complex codec translations for highly compressed audio as would otherwise be processed by Asterisk in software.


Features and Functions

  • TC400M Voice Processing Module
  • TC400P - Half-Length Low-Profile PCI 2.2+ 3.3/5.0V Card
  • Half-Length Low-Profile PCI-Express x1 Card
Codec Support
  • G.729a - 8.0kbit/s
  • G.723.1 - 6.3kbit/s (decode-only)
    5.3kbit/s (decode/encode)
  • G.711 µ-law, G.711 a-law
  • Includes Codec Licensing and Indemnification
  • 120 G.729a, 92 G.723.1 Transformations
  • DAHDI 2.2.0 or greater and
    Asterisk or greater
  • Linux Kernel 2.6

Digium TC400B

Digium TC400B