Digium VPMOCT032LF Echo Cancellation Module

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Digium VPMOCT032LF Echo Cancellation Module


Thirty-two (32) Channel Hardware Echo Cancellation Module for use on Hybrid, AEX/TDM2400 and TDM400/800 cards. This module, which offers 128ms (1024 taps) of echo cancellation across all of its channels, improves upon the older VPM100M echo cancellation module, that only offered 32ms of echo cancellation. The VPMOCT032LF provides the same toll-quality G.168 compliant echo cancellation found in Digium's HPEC software-based commercial echo canceller. The VPMOCT032LF is immune from any system CPU spikes that might otherwise affect a software-based solution. The VPMOCT032LF may be used with Digium's twenty-four port analog card, the TDM2400P, Digium's eight-port analog card, the TDM800P, and will be used on future Digium interface cards.


Features and Functions

  • Up to 32 channels
  • Designed for use with these analog cards:
    • 4-port TDM410
    • 4-port AEX410
    • 8-port TDM800P
    • 8-port AEX800
    • 24-port TDM2400P
    • 24-port AEX2400
  • Compatible with these digital cards:
    • 1-port TE121
    • 1-port TE122
  • G.168 Compliant

Note: In September 2011 Digium changed the p/n on this sku from 1VPMADT032LF to 1VPMOCT032LF*

Digium VPMOCT032LF Echo Cancellation Module

Digium VPMOCT032LF Echo Cancellation Module