Elastix SIP Firewall

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Elastix SIP Firewall


Elastix SIP Firewall Device

The Elastix SIP Firewall Device is designed specifically for VoIP phone systems to add an extra layer of security for your network.

Elastix SIP Firewall Device Overview

The Elastix SIP Firewall Device has the ability to protect PBX against possible intruders by blocking specific IP addresses and/or countries. This Elastix security device also prevents against DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

The Elastix Firewall Device will identify any unusual or malicious SIP packets and completely block their IP address. The SIP Firewall Device will analyze each SIP packet by using a real-time packet-inspection engine.

Elastix SIP Firewall Features and Functions:

  • Prevents Dos/DDos Attacks
  • Detects and Prevents Cross Site Scripting based attacks
  • Prevents SIP Anomaly based attacks
  • Protection against VOIP Spam & War Dialing
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent calls

Elastix SIP Firewall

Elastix SIP Firewall