FreePBX Appliance 100

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FreePBX Sangoma 100

The FreePBX Appliance 100  is licensed for up to 100 users allowing for a total of 30 simultaneous calls. This powerful hardware has a Atom 2 core processor with 60GBof storage and 2GB of RAM. There are 2 PCI express slots on the appliance which allow users to add any telephony cards from Sangoma's range for PSTN connectivity.

Sangoma's FreePBX systems have a wide set of advance telephony features that are included as standard, for example call recording and call reporting. There is also a range of add-on modules available designed to further enhance your VoIP communications experience.


Specifications of the Appliance are as followed;
1U Server
2 PCI Express Slot
5 Onboard GIG Network Ports
Single 120GB SSD drive
Dual Core Processor
2 GB of Memory
Rackmount Ears
1 Year Hardware Warranty
12.5in D X 17in W X 1.75in H
Box size is 21in L X 20in W X 8in H and weighs 20 lbs