Planet Tech

Founded in the early 90s, Planet Technology is one of the pioneers of IP Telephony. Our partnership with Planet Tech allows us to provide state of the art solutions to our clients for their Unified Communication Networks that can be deployed at small businesses as well as large enterprises. The company has corporate clients in various sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, Education and Government sector. The company has made its name for providing the right product at the right price to the Unified Communication marketplace.

VOIP phone supply offers state of the IP based switching devices from the Planet Tech family. The FGSW-2622VHP switch is an ideal plug and play device (powered by PoE) for cost-effective implementation over your Unified Communication Network. The device is equipped with 24 10/100BASE-TX ports capable of 2GB TP/SFP interface with the internal power system. The LCD that is attached to the device shows the system power usage such as temperature and watts etc.

The SGS-6431-48T4X layer three routing solution is ideal for data centers and corporate enterprises. The layer three stackable Gigabit switch provides OPSF and RIP technology providing Routing information protocol and shortest path first techniques to the network. The sophisticated Network security features allow the SGS-6341-48T4X switch to perform effective data transmission over the ISP network. The SGS switch supports IP stacking which allows the administrator to configure up to 24 switches using a single IP on the network. The Planet 8-Port 802.3af POE product is energy efficient that is capable of outperforming four linear power adaptors. The device comes with a user-friendly interface allowing the administrator to manage the functions on the device using the web access tool.