Power Adapter for Cisco CP-7xxx Series IP Phones

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External Power Supply Adapter for 7xxx Series IP Phones, 110/220VAC, 48VDC.

Works with CP-7811, CP-7821, CP-7841, CP7861, CP-7902G CP-7910G+SW CP-7940G CP-7905G CP-7912G CP-7960G CP-7906G CP-7910G CP-7914 CP-7970G CP-7971G-GE CP-7941G-GE CP-7941G CP-7961G CP-7961G-GE CP-7985G

Requires a C13-style power cable, not included. Include a Universal Power Cable, 6-Foot 125V/250V 18AWG (VOIP-PWR-CABLE-6FT) using the drop-down selection above.

The Ciscoå¨ CP-PWR-CUBE-3 are covered by a Cisco standard 1-year replacement warranty.