What is Sangoma?

What is Sangoma?

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a Canadian company providing software and hardware for voice-over IP. Its data, voice, and video products are used in unified communications, IVR, PBX, data-communication applications, and contact centers worldwide. The company is a trusted leader in delivering internationally scalable VoIP telephony systems, where it serves customers in more than 150 countries. Their products are backed by years and years of IP communications experience, and all-inclusive warranties.

As businesses invest in new strategies to offer effective communications, Sangoma Technologies acts as your trusted partner, delivering Unified Communications solutions for Enterprises, SMBs, OEMs, Enterprises, service providers, and Carriers.

Sangoma’s globally scalable offerings comprise both cloud-based and on-site business communication systems, SIP trunking, Gateways, IP Phones, Telecom Interface Cards, and Session Border Controllers. When combined, these offer flawless connectivity between new technologies and conventional infrastructure. Businesses can accomplish improved collaboration levels, ROI, and productivity by partnering with Sangoma.

With VoIP telephony becoming more popular and less expensive, Open Sourced PBX software, such as FreePBX and Asterisk, are becoming widely utilized among businesses and individuals. With so many people using VoIP, VoIP users are not all highly technical engineers. Canned versions of Asterisk such as TrixBox and Switchvox are becoming even more popular than they ever were before, attracting beginner VoIP users and amateur IT technicians. Sangoma is here to cater to all your VoIP needs, and much more.

Unified Communication Phone Systems

Unified Communication Systems (UCS) offer an easy application where users can switch between different modes of communication (from an instant text session to a phone call or a full-fledged screen sharing) in a matter of minutes. There remains no need for scheduling special conferencing rooms when you can just start an integrated connection from your mobile or mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

  • PBXact Cloud – Business Phone System: PBXact Cloud is designed for small to medium businesses looking for feature-rich phone service for their office(s), with integrated collaboration and productivity features, that can be accessed from anywhere around the world from your device. Built-in advanced features offer your callers a great experience, automatic routing in real-time, and also options to be called back if your phone lines are busy.
  • PBXact On-Premise – Business Phone System: The PBXact Business phone system is a 100%-featured IP-PBX built with unified communication features for businesses in need of productivity, mobility and collaboration capabilities. The PBXact phone system comes with a wide set of built-in Unified Communications features like Phone Apps, UCP web-based dashboard, CRM integration, a Zulu UC desktop, an End-Point manager, and a built-in VPN.
  • FreePBX – Phone System: This is a web-based open source Graphical User Interface (GUI) that manages and controls Asterisk, an open-source communication server. It involves features such as FreePBX, paid support, and OEM programs.
SIP Trunking Phone Service

Advantages of SIP Trunking Phone Service

  • Cost cuttings
  • International calling
  • Built-in fax services
  • Built-in PBXact and FreePBX
  • Free trials
  • Porting and inbound numbers
  • IP Phones/Softphones

SIP Trunking Phone Service is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and large organizations with feature-rich telephony services using a regular internet connection. The service allows you to choose your phone numbers and also represent your business nationally from outside of your office location. It also allows you to send and receive faxes using the company’s integrated FAXStation solution for greater latency in business-critical environments.

You can also share your voice services throughout various locations, minimizing monthly charges. Besides that, you can also add extra lines at any time, without the need for any contracts. You can either go with a month-based service or minimize your costs even more with a plan customized to precisely fit your needs. Lastly, you can create high-volume SIP trunks that are SMS and fax compatible.

Sangoma brings to its users s Series IP Phones that are exclusively designed for FreePBX and PBXact. They can be easily set up and come with Zero Touch Provisioning tools. Moreover, they improve workforce productivity with powerful apps.

Zulu UC Softphones are another type of IP phone offered by the company that is designed for ultimate desktop integration. They include the following features:

  • Faxing
  • Click-to-call
  • Screen POP for CRM
  • SMS
  • Presence
  • Chat
Connectivity Products

These include VoIP gateways, telecom cards, and session border controllers (SBCs).

  • Gateways – VoIP gateways provided by the company enable you to keep your present legacy infrastructure and connect to VoIP services, thereby helping your business economize on money and time. All you need to do is connect any of Sangoma’s VoIP Gateways at the edge of your network, and they will automatically take care of the call transcoding and processing required between the SIP-TDM networks.
  • SBS – Businesses connecting their infrastructure to a VoIP Connection, or a SIP Trunk, need an SBC for interoperability, security, and transcoding. More often than not, businesses tend to overlook the significance of an SBC when moving from their legacy phone system to VoIP and basically utilize their present firewall for safety and make a big mistake. This is because a firewall isn’t effective at protecting your data and network when you reveal it on the internet, which is how you connect to VoIP services. On the other hand, a Sangoma SBC shields both your voice network and data and is designed to manage each facet of phone calls that travel across the internet.
  • Telephony cards – Sangoma’s award-winning BRI and Analog, E1 and T1 telephony cards are driving the world’s number one IVR, PBX, and call-center apps. Well-known for their dependability and high quality, Sangoma’s telephony cards are also the most versatile on the market, with impressive compatibility with the most commercially available motherboards and servers. They are the number one choice among Asterisk, Voice API, and FreePBX integrators with a broad array of protocol support, which includes PRI, Analog, SS7, CAS MFCR2, and WAN protocols.

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